Letting go of stress and relaxing is one of the best things we can do: with every breath!




Hello! My name is Bill Beebe and I am a:

Personal Trainer and Educator

Health and Wellness Coach and a

Polarity Breath and Massage Therapist


I specialize in guiding individuals to nurture holistic wellness in their daily lives.


My primary focus is on:

Stress Reduction

Optimal Health and

Mindful Living


Inside all of us is a natural capacity to relax, to become more grounded and stay connected to our inner guidance. To find this is to find your natural state of wellness.

And it is available to you right now! What I offer are simple and easy ways to come back into balance and stay connected with life force energy and also how to stay connected to your own natural intuition.


My background includes:


Training in nutrition and exercise coaching

Tai chi, chi gong, and mindfulness

Breath work and polarity therapy

and I am a Licensed Massage Therapist.


I am an intuitive healer and also I have trained in Human Design and the Enneagram personality guidance systems. Together, we can find the path of least resistance to find your optimal health, being relaxed and find daily peace and well being. I am offering a no cost 25 minutes session where we can talk about what are your health and wellness goals and explore ways that I can support you in your path. We can work on stress reduction, meditation and mindful living, nutrition, exercise and we can also do some simple energy balancing exercises or chair massage.         Namaste, Bill


At the center of our busy lives, in the middle of our spinning and worries, there is a quiet and peaceful place that we can all relax into.

And if we do relax into this quiet peaceful place, we can let go of tension in our bodies, minds, and emotions and reconnect with our own natural intuition and wisdom.

I call this: Our Natural State of Wellness.

My calling in life is to gently guide you back to your own natural capacity to be healthy, relaxed, and happy and share with you simple ways that you can find this well-being in your life everyday.

I am trained as a Health and Wellness Coach and together we can work with your Diet, Exercise, health and wellness goals.

There are some very simple and easy

I am and also Bodywork Therapy and I practice Restorative Bodywork and Somatic Body Awareness Training. My practice comes from over 30 years of training with eight masters and teachers of Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Yoga, Bodywork Therapy, Breath Work, and also extensive Mindfulness Practices. I am also trained as a Health and Wellness Coach.

Somatic Awareness Training is a way to come back into our natural breath, become more grounded, and let go of stress and discover how to return to a daily life that is filled with peace, vitality, and clarity.

With the Restorative Bodywork, together we can let go of the tension and stress that gets built up in our bodies and return to our natural balance. This Restorative work uses a combination of gentle breath work, therapeutic massage and an energy balancing system called Polarity Therapy.

What I teach are simple body awareness movements and refocusing exercises that help you to gently stretch, relax deeply, and allow you to find your own pathway back to your own Natural State of Wellness.

I invite you to contact me to talk about what is going on in your life that creates any discomfort or disharmony.

I believe that together we can find ways for you to live a more balanced, happy, and healthy life!

Please remember to Breathe Deeply, Relax Fully and from time to time, just Relax and Let Go…. and most importantly, Enjoy!

Best wishes to you!

Bill Beebe

I’ve referred some of my therapy clients to Bill for Somatic bodywork therapy and all have reported enjoying and appreciating the sessions. I have also experienced his massage and Somatic work myself and found it very nurturing and helpful in my own life. I will definitely continue to recommend Bill to my clients and friends.
— Michael Tyson, LMFT & Psychotherapist in private practice, Capitola, CA
Bill’s welcoming, peaceful and gently strong manner always puts me at ease. His ability to tune into my concerns is looked at from the physical, emotional and spiritual level so that he is not just trying to alleviate my outward symptoms but is going beneath to encourage complete healing. He has been deeply helpful in my healing and provides tools and resources to use on my own.
— Keith Kellogg, LCSW, Psychotherapist in private practice, Los Gatos, CA

How can find balance everyday: Breathe, Relax, Let Go and Enjoy!

If we can simply breathe deeply, relax and get grounded, we can relax into this natural balance and we can also tap into the abundance of healing and nurturing energies of the world around us: in the air we breathe, the power of sunlight and the ground we walk upon.
— Bill Beebe

By breathing deeply and naturally we can be more relaxed, and have much more energy and mental clarity. In this next video we demonstrate Your Natural Breath.  





Bill has been extraordinarily helpful to me, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually – which I very much appreciate and now carry within me. Further, Bill guest lectured in my class, helping my students to find peace, balance, and joy in their lives. It was an amazing and rewarding experience for both them and me!
— Dan Brook Phd, Sociology Department SJSU, San Jose, CA

Breathe, Relax, Let Go and Enjoy!

Allow yourself to come back into your natural balance.